New Patients

  • you reside or work in the Big Horn Basin area of Wyoming, and
  • you do not have health insurance, and
  • your gross income is at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level (see below), and
  • you do not qualify for any other healthcare programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, etc.,

Call us at 307-272-1753 to request an appointment.

You will be asked about your health/medical issue and a number of questions to see if you are likely to be eligible to be an HMVMC patient.

If we set an appointment to see you, you will need to bring evidence to assist us in determining your eligibility. Please bring these items with you:
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of Residency (one of the following:  recent utility bill from your current residence, showing your name and address; rental agreement/mortgage statement with name and address; letter from landlord, shelter manager or similar)
  • Proof of Income (any and all that apply):
            - Most recent federal income tax return
            - Pay stubs or copy of paycheck(s) for most recent one month period
            - Proof of child support or alimony
            - Proof (official statement) of:
  • unemployment,
  • worker's compensation,
  • disability benefits,
  • social security income,
  • pensions,
  • V.A. benefits,
  • food stamps,
  • any other income sources
            - Letter of Denial of Medicaid eligibility*

* Please note:  Patients are asked to go to the Department of Family Services (DFS) and apply for assistance. The patient will be given an acknowledgment form to bring to the Clinic as the Letter of Denial can take up to 45 days to return with a determination.  When the patient receives the Letter of Denial he/she can then present it to the Clinic. You may also apply to DFS online or over the phone. We can schedule appointments without proof of application.

2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size

200% FPL






(To calculate income limit for households larger than 5, add an additional $8,320 for each household member over 5.)