HMFC Services

Heart Mountain Free Clinic (HMFC), a free clinic located in Cody, Wyoming, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides continuing primary health care to uninsured adults who live or work in the Big Horn Basin area.  Services are free to patients who qualify (click on Eligibility below for more information).   HMFC provides the following medical services:

  • Outpatient primary medical care
  • Chronic disease management
  • Wellness & health education (preventive care)
  • Basic diagnostic studies (labs and x-rays)
  • Prescription medications at little or no cost
  • Patient referral/resource network to specialized services (medical and non-medical)

In addition to the program outlined below, HMFC also offers the following: 

  • Cancer Prevention: We educate every patient for cancer prevention and help them enroll in the Wyoming Cancer Program to receive free mammogram, PAP test, and colon cancer screenings.  
  • Wellness Education Classes: Keeping our patients healthy is important.  We are offering several free classes to help with prevention.

For more information see our Brochure.  Download the brochure by clicking here.


Heart Mountain Free Clinic (HMFC) also offers programs that help people move ahead.  A list programs and a description follows:

  1. Northwest Wyoming Resource Network- This is a network for businesses, churches, organizations and other resources in the Big Horn Basin area.   The network allows an organization to help a client find the resources they need quickly and easily.  For more information click on the Resource Network box below.


  1. Building a Brighter Future Today Class- This class is for people living in poverty get ahead in a middle class world.  It also allows us, in the Big Horn Basin, better understand what it is like to live in poverty in our communities.  This is a paid class for participant who are willing to meet once a week for 2 hours for 16-weeks.  Clicking on the Building a Brighter Future Today box below will provide you with more information.


  1. HMFC Diabetes Clinic- is for person living with diabetes.  The program allows the patient to learn more about their disease, see a physician for specific questions, learn what they can do to keep themselves healthy and learn to cook meals that are delicious and healthy.


  1. Stress Reduction Class-  This is a new class that is free and provides information and fun coping skills to reduce stress in our daily stress.  Yoga, Tai Chi, Mediation, Nutrition, Time Management and much more are included in this program.


  1. Respiratory Clinic- this clinic is for people experiencing breathing, sleeping and lung ailments.   Patients see a specialist and if available are provided with breathing equipment.


  1. Poverty Simulations- are a 4-hour activity that gives the participant an opportunity to experience the challenges our neighbors in Big Horn Basin face on a daily basis.  The Simulation is highly recommended for people serving on Boards in our region who deal with issues of poverty.


  1. Physical Therapy Clinic-  People dealing with skeletal or muscular issues are encourged to attend the PT Clinic for an evaluation.  Sometimes the doctor will recommend a patient attend and sometimes we have the patient go before they see the doctor.  

Programs Offered

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