Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Heart Mountain Free Medical Clinic?

We are a clinic that provides primary medical care to eligible patients, just like any family practitioner or internist – but free of charge. We serve uninsured adults who live or work in the Big Horn Basin Area of Wyoming (inclusive of the following zip codes: 82414, 82435, 82430, 82410, 82411, 82412, and 82420) and make $25,520 or less annually within a single household ($2,127 monthly). The gross income levels are set by the Federal Poverty Guidelines and increases by $4,480 for each additional family member. A chart is included on the eligibility page indicating the income limits for numbers in the family.  If you would like to see if you are eligible, take our quick and easy Quiz.

Take Our Easy Quiz.


What will it cost me to receive patient services from the clinic?

HMFC is free to eligible patients. We are able to see and treat patients at no cost due to our volunteer medical staff and generous donations from individuals and organizations throughout the community.


What does 200% of the federal poverty level mean?

The United States Department of Health and Human Services establishes the federal poverty level. Heart Mountain Free Clinic serves adults who earn at or below 200% of this level.  


How do I sign up to receive patient care?

Send us an email by clicking here; complete the form and click submit.  Someone will call you back as soon as possible and assist you with setting up an appointment.  Or you can call us at 307-272-1753.


Why do I have to provide so much information to be eligible for patient care?

We strive to make the eligibility process as easy as possible. We want to make sure that uninsured residents and workers of the Big Horn Basin are receiving care. If we determine you are not eligible for services, we can direct you to other low cost patient care clinics throughout the area.


What are the clinic’s hours of operation?

The clinic hours vary.  Our medical providers are volunteers so we schedule our clinics when they are available.  The day and time of clinics are posted on the website event calendar as soon as they are scheduled.   Feel free to call the office to ask about the next clinic (307-272-1753).


Are Walk-ins allowed?

Walk-ins may or may not see the doctor.  Often times we have appointments set leaving the doctor no time to see walk-ins.  If that happens you may be asked to “hang out” and see if there is a no-show so we can fit you in.  Or you may be asked to complete all the registration paperwork so you are ready for your next available appointment.


What free services will be provided by the clinic?

Doctors, nurses, lab tests, X-rays and screenings for mammograms and colon cancer are free. We also have a physical therapy clinic where a Practitioner provides an evaluation for common skeletal/muscular issues.  


Who operates the clinic?

The Free Clinic is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  The clinic is operated by an Executive Director, a nurse and the Medical Director. HMFC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.


Where is the Clinic located?

The clinic is located in the Blair Buildings next to the Holiday Inn in Cody.  The address is 1735 Sheridan Ave, Suite #205, Cody, Wyoming.


Do you have a clinic in other communities?

There was a clinic in Powell but it is now closed.  The Cody clinic still sees patients from Powell as well as patients from throughout the Big Horn Basin.  


How is Heart Mountain Free Clinic financed?

The Free Clinic is supported by charitable contributions from individuals, community and religious organizations, fundraising events and grants from private foundations.  We are staffed by volunteers who offer their time freely to care for patients.  Even staffed with volunteers, the clinic is costly to operate.  We appreciate all donations large or small.  Please consider donating today.


What types of volunteers are needed at the free clinic?

Heart Mountain Free Clinic relies on donated time from retired and active licensed physicians and nurses, as well as office volunteers. Many additional volunteers are needed during special events. Marketing professionals, photographers and database experts are just some of the other volunteer skills we need. Volunteer roles include:

  • Front desk registration assistants
  • Physicians
  • Nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Social workers and psychologists
  • Administrative and operational support
  • Fundraiser support
  • Physical Therapists