Patient Testimonials

"Terry" said she had experienced pain for 5 months and had been treated for GERD with no relief.  Someone suggested she go to the Heart Mountain Volunteer Medical Clinic.  Terry made an appointment and from the time she arrived, she said “Never ever did she ever not receive the most amazing medical caring and concern from everybody from the moment she walked in the door.”  The Clinic called to check on her and inform her of her return visits.  She saw the Doctor on duty that night and he told her if her pain got worse, not to wait.  Three days later she was diagnosed in the Hospital having been admitted through the ER, with pancreatitis, blood work revealed she had a terrible infection.  She never had to pay for her tests, x-ray and lab were free through the Clinic.  Further tests revealed that she would require surgery.   Terry said that because she had been vetted through the Clinic, that it was easy to qualify for financial assistance through the hospital and she said the hospital had been helping her through the process.  She also qualified for a free colonoscopy which she acknowledged having taken advantage of.   When Terry sought help through the Clinic, she said,  “It didn’t matter that I didn’t have insurance, they weren’t going to stop until they made me well”. In her condition, she was told her risk for heart attack was extreme.  “The kindness and care of volunteers is just overwhelming, there is such a need in the community for such an unbelievable worthy cause.”  “Most people who have the ability to afford insurance take for granted those who suffer quietly because we cannot afford to go to the doctor or afford medical care.” “ You have no idea what a benefit the clinic is for those who suffer quietly because they have no choice.”  Terry had her surgery, returning the the Clinic for her followup care, and is well today.